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January 14, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Post Your Thoughts

Sarah Connor Chronicles Screen Capture


So its finally here. The Sarah Connor Chronicles, staring Summer Glau, Lena Headey, and Thomas Dekker has been widely anticipated, and appears to have a decent budget. I’ll wait to give my review until tomorrow night, but I just wanted to know what you thought about the first night.

Summer Glau of Firefly/Serenity fame is one of my recent favorites, so I’m eagerly anticipating this. Feel free to discuss spoilers in the comments. Thoughts?

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January 14, 2008

SFAM said:

OK, Summer’s “Come with me if you wanna live” comment seemed pretty flat in comparison with Aaaahnoold. Bad decision to go there, I think.

SFAM said:

So far I like this John Conner FAR more than the T3 John Conner, but the bad guy Terminator is falling a little flat for me.

As for Sarah Conner? It’s pretty damn hard to replace Linda Hamilton in her signature role. That said, I think Lena Headey has done OK so far. I’d like to see her a bit tougher, but again, I’m OK with her performance so far.

SFAM said:

OK, so the whole time-shift thing to modern times pretty much does away with T3’s timeline - something I’m not really averse to. Interesting ending to the hour, I suppose, but I do have some questions:

1. So the police decided to just hang out and watch a robot guy rip apart the safe???

2. If they went to the same “where” but different time, why did they end up on the highway?

Cyberpunk_hex said:

I think the plot was good, I agree that the “Come with me if you want to live” line was weak and is getting to cliché. The special effects were pretty good, they could have been better, but considering the time restraints and the budget they weren’t that bad.
Some of the terminator heads up display effects were a little different than they were in the movies, but that could be attributed to a theoretical software change in the Terminators. I mean look how much of an interface difference you got in the few year between Windows 98 and Windows XP.
I really liked it but I’m not sure if the general public will like it enough to make the series last.

Da5id said:

It’s okay so far. I actually like the shift to modern day and I thought the old school Terminators chasing them were both okay. Now… what happened to the T1000s? Been a while since I’ve seen T2. Is it explained why they’re gone? Was the T2 T1000 a prototype or something? Or maybe Sarah changed the future enough to keep them from developing? Also, I thought the whole point was that when you put skin over an old school Terminator it looks like the Governor of California.

Anyway, I think Cameron (ha!) is by far the most interesting character and I will keep watching to see two things… 1) What kind of terminator she is… and 2) her path toward humanity. If done right this show could be a killer cyberpunk story. The “what does it mean to be human” is practically ooooozing from Summer Glau in every scene.

Dragyn said:

Man was that first ep generic. Leave the writers on strike, I say. FOX is so hot for this series (or desperate for it to be a hit) they had an actual movie-style red carpet premiere last week! Summer Glau is super hot, of course, but I don’t think she has the SF super babe acting chops of a Kristin Kreuk, for instance.

Now for the lead - I am a big Linda Hamilton fan and she will always be Sarah for me. Hiring a Brit worked for FOX with HOUSE, but he’s a great actor who can do anything and we really aren’t expecting him to know how to fire full auto. I HATED the “I’ll make pancakes quip” because any survivalist knows if you are going to bug out in half an hour you don’t make a meal that’s going to take an hour to prepare, cook and eat!

It was cliched all the way. Generic L.A. locations. Even the Terminators were tired. One can only hope the creators of this show (most of them are on strike) stay home and they get some real science fiction writers with scripting experience. Worked for ST:OS!

SFAM said:

Da5id, you make a great point about Glau’s character going down the human road - she certainly gave indications of this in her conversation with John Conner over what “type” she was. But I sort of agree with Dragyn that the overall effect seemed chiched. Combine this with some of the bizarre story gaffs (like the Police just hangin outside the bank while a robot dude goes in an rips apart the safe), and you do sorta have to question whether the writers knew they were going on strike while writing some of this stuff. That said, Star Trek TNG truly sucked its first half of the season, but obviously recovered fine. Perhaps this thing just needs a few shows to get its legs under it.

BTW, I LOVED Glau in Serenity - where she definitely showed she could play a badass chick. I do agree though that she didn’t “wow” me with tonight’s performance though. I didn’t like the outfit choices for Glau (KILL the jean miniskirt, please…), but much worse were Sarah Conner’s choices - was she actually wearing a skirt??? OK, perhaps I can move past Lena Headey not having the muscles, but I just don’t see Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Conner character wearing skirts after T2.

Synthoid said:

Hey, that poster ripped off the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

mattness said:

We’re waiting for your review, SFAM.

Yahoo blocked web-premiere for non- US users (well, at least users in Poland)

chuck0 said:

id say the poster rips off ghost in the shell and/or battle angel alita :)

Klaw said:

Have to agree with many criticisms here… very generic storytelling, some lame quips… Summer Gau came off a little too 7 of 9… I really don’t like the Joaquin Phoenix look-a-like Terminator (or at least hope they cast a different actor for each subsequent terminator). On the bright side, it didn’t look like they cheapskated this… so it had FX and action in it’s budget, with some good writing it could be decent. I give it a “it wasn’t bad, wasn’t good” half-hearted response, thinking it could potentially get better. It’s not as horrible as the bionic woman.

As for the writer’s strike, I thought this whole season was already filmed last summer so it was pre-strike. If anything it seems like Fox held on to it fearing a lack of programming just for a case of a protracted strike.

SFAM said:

I absolutely agree with Synthoid - the poster is a CLEAR rip-off of the Borg Queen in First Contact (not Battle Angle or GITS). That said, its exactly why I posted it. What better scene to rip off than that one! However, I doubt we see a scene like that, so it really was a bizarre rip off.

I do agree with Klaw as well - they definitely spent a bit of money on the FX budget.

Burnt_lombard said:

I’m being very closed minded and not even watching this. I think Part 2 settled things nicely. Part three was weak and this looks too cheesy.

LockeJV said:

From the premiere, it looks like the series will evolve to be more about teenage John Conner’s affair with a “teenage” Terminator than technology and time travel. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn primarily into a love story; I’ll keep watching to see what direction it takes.

wiredcoma said:

“From the premiere, it looks like the series will evolve to be more about teenage John Conner’s affair with a “teenage” Terminator than technology and time travel. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn primarily into a love story; I’ll keep watching to see what direction it takes.”

January 15, 2008

Daryl said:

Big T1 and T2 fan. (T3 was OK too). Liked the kid playing John and the robot teen babe. Not so jazzed about Sarah and male terminator. Plot really picked up at the end with the whole vault time shift thing.

The big difference here is the robot teen babe. I have a feeling she is anatomically correct and programmed for more than violence, if you know what I mean. Let’s face it, if I was sending a robot back to take care of my 16 year old self, I can think of a few programs I would load in there.

I’m still watching.

kenryoku_one said:

I agree with pretty much everything that has been said here re: generic storyline and locations. The Terminators with a personality kind of threw me. “Hello My name is Cromartie I am your substitute teacher, let’s take roll” was really out of character for a hellbent killing machine.
I like the idea of the plot being based around finding who started SkyNet after the Dr. died instead of the cast running from a new Terminator every week. I really like that this takes place in a alternate universe from T3, a movie that really kind of screwed up the franchise with it’s predestination bit.

All in all I would say that it series shows promise and I will check it out as new episodes are released.

Andrew said:

If you missed it, Amazon Unbox has the first episode for download free, DVD quality and no commercials.

I enjoyed it. Can never expect much with a TV serial, but I think they headed in the right direction.

Christopher said:

Just one thing, have you ever seen a boy with a camera-cell phone in 1997 ? !

SFAM said:

Hi Christopher, that was from 2007, if you’re talking about the highway scene.

Da5id said:

By far the most interesting thing about this series is Cameron’s figuring out how to be human. When she shoots Enrique because she knows Sarah won’t that was a pivotal scene. It showed first that SFAM is dead on in his review… this is the Sarah Connor from T1 not the one we left at the end of T2. Not sure how I feel about that yet. But more importantly it showed that Cameron isn’t the Arnie version from T2 that will follow the rules and “shoot them in the legs” just because a human says so. She’s got a mind of her own and will have to come to the “shoot them in the legs” conclusion herself. She will have to make a moral decision rather than just a programmed order. That’s interesting to me… As for skirts vs. leather: IIRC the only skirt Sarah has worn was in the opening dream sequence and wasn’t that a waitress uniform? Could be wrong.

Mostly it was predictable. I hated the whole homage to 9-11 thing with Sarah. 2007 is her science fiction future, one step from “Judgement Day”… I don’t think she would be surprised that things are going to shit. However, I tend to give first pilots and first eps the benefit of the doubt. There is potential there. The direction and production were great, so all it’s gonna take is a few decent stories.

SFAM said:

Hi Da5id, I definitely agree with you that this series has potential - it could end up being a turkey, or just as easily a very good show.

Headbanger! said:

I expected to see a lower budget in SI and storyline, but overall I thought this show has a chance. I loved some of the scenes, like the nuke going off in the background and everything being vaporized, or the time Sarah throught the unknown cyborg out the window to the street before rebooting was halarious and very orginal~!
The terminator is a bit boring and not to menacing like the Urinator was…but I am sure they will make it more scary as the show moves forward….I did love the ending of the show where it goes back for its head…I thought that was pretty original too.

So far I like the show and will continue to watch it.

Mr. No1 said:

Sorry, I’m probably missing something but… Why do you always say Conner instead of Connor?

SFAM said:

Hi Mr. No1, no reason in particular, other than I’m sometimes a meathead with spelling. I used to be dyslexic - sometimes I write it one way and see it another. My apologies.

Tickletard said:

I agree with most of the comments on here. Not bad for a beginning show. It’s no Battlestar Galactica but I will try to give it a chance. I thought the special effects were fairly good for a network show and that’s rare. Is anyone else here annoyed by that little head tilt to the side the terminators do right before they get hit by a car or something? My dog does that when he hears dogs barking on the television. It’s kind of stupid.

wiredcoma said:

“The big difference here is the robot teen babe. I have a feeling she is anatomically correct and programmed for more than violence, if you know what I mean. Let’s face it, if I was sending a robot back to take care of my 16 year old self, I can think of a few programs I would load in there.”

I think we all would. haha

I don’t think she’ll turn into some sort of servant love bot, but I do see a relationship already starting. In ep2 after she touched his neck to pick up some vital signs to inform sarah, you can kind of tell what was going through his head. Plus keep in mind that being on the run for so long he hasn’t had much time for girls. So something’s obviously going to turn up between the two in the series.

I’m all fine and dandy with it, as long as it doesn’t go too far. But I swear if it goes the way of armitage (i can have human babies! bep bep bep!) I’ll definitely stop watching. haha

January 16, 2008

Daryl said:

Just a question. Did they make it clear there at the end that Enrique was indeed a rat who was going to turn Sarah in? Therefore the fembot correctly knocked him off, right?

wiredcoma said:

I think so. The cops showed up pretty quick afterwords. That or the police station was 2 houses down.

SFAM said:

Daryl, yes, the Fembot made the right call in waxing Enrique the Rat.

Daryl said:

Looks like fembot is going to start high school next week. Should present a multitude of interesting situations. Mean cheerleaders snub cyborg assassin peer? Bully tries to beat up John Conner? She goes out for track team? There could be some good stuff here.

January 17, 2008

dragyn said:

Okay, so the second ep was better. Better pace. More action and interesting situations. The L.A. gangsters are tired, but we got to see Summer kick butt. John the rebellious youth is already tired. The Terminator without a head was cool (for a nanosecond). I guess this is becoming the “Summer Glau Show.” lol

wiredcoma said:

“I guess this is becoming the “Summer Glau Show.” lol”

Isn’t she the reason we’re all watching anyway? hahaha

Mr. No1 said:

Thank you SFAM for your response. And you don’t have to be sorry, it’s not your fault anyway. I was just curious.

January 19, 2008

Stngry57 said:

I think the show is good. The plot line has to be similar and travel along the same road to keep continuity. as far as skipping ahead to 2007, who is to say that they don’t skip back and sarah ends up dieing on cue. remeber it use to be that evryone thought the TERMINATORS all looked the same. now they are expanding to show that TOASTERS can be anywhere!!


Stngry57 said:

By the Way. where can I get one of the Posters

January 20, 2008

project_2501 said:

a slightly pointless comment from me, but… WTF! that must have taken a while to type…

what a great bitching session!

January 21, 2008

SFAM said:

BTW, I definitely agree with Wired Coma - Summer Glau is definitely the reason most of us are tuned in to this. The Terminator thing is cool and all, but um, Summer on the other hand. :D

I really wish they’d get her in more Terminatrix looking clothes though - I mean seriously.

January 22, 2008

labron said:

i think it is the best termanater yet number one was okey but like i said this is
the best one ever

dakota said:

asome is all i got to say

tom said:

this fucking show is a disgrace…..the only thing blowing up in the last episode was my ass…’s just like all the other bullshit shows…..fucking fox is just trying to get everyone addicted to the same bullshit……negative 100000000 stars for this pile of shit!!!!!!

tom said:

no action whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lame

tom said:

are you fucking dumbasses on crack????? the only reason this show is the worst pile of shit is because everyone expected more…….a little more than all the drama shit fox has been pulling out of the shitter the last couple of years…..fuck you fox!!!!!!!

wiredcoma said:

“BTW, I definitely agree with Wired Coma - Summer Glau is definitely the reason most of us are tuned in to this. The Terminator thing is cool and all, but um, Summer on the other hand.

I really wish they’d get her in more Terminatrix looking clothes though - I mean seriously.”

Damn right. She can be my terminator any day. hahaha

Daryl said:

This is the first prime time drama show I’ve watched in a very very long time. It feels like there are too many characters and plot threads for them to be fully developed. Is this normal? I heard this is a 12 show run, so that means there are 9 hours left.

I guess the only thing I’m confused about are the doors at school. Were they painted or fogged in? Did the first one have some sort of symbol on it? I also did not understand what the girl in the bathroom was so upset about. Obviously, it had something to do with the door to the Chem class. Did the cyborg babe say something about trompe d’oiel? They lost me there.

January 23, 2008

Quux_Operative said:

I really think the whole series was a bad idea and the degredation of the story and the concepts really began with T3. Terrible flick that was. I really think that it’s like everything else in hollywood right now, the recycling of old material to milk more money out of it. The writers lack originality and sadly enough they don’t take any lessons learned from indie and alternative films. I think if there was a mix of both indie/alt. concepts and regular concepts, the film industry would be much more respected and prosperous. Until then, indie, alt., and anime are the only films I respect and watch anymore…

January 24, 2008

wiredcoma said:

it’s not that they lack origionality. it’s that the producers are too scared to take risks. “stick with the formula that works!” is what they do. thats why when a good semi-orional movie comes out your’e sure to see very similar films for the next 5 years until that dies down. Then they move onto the next big trend.

Sucks that its becoming the same way with videogames now.

It’s the same way with any midia that involves a big investment. Because to these people it’s not art, it’s buisness.

MadCatX said:

I don’t expect much any network tv shows. I liken this series to the old Terminator comics Dark Horse used to publish. It’s a fresh perspective. I realize the script isn’t great but I’m going to keep watching just to see where the story goes.

January 27, 2008

Nismor2 said:

One thing really bother me. When the terminator was pretending to be a substitute teacher and started shooting at John Connor after he ID him, the terminator chick got shot down allowing John to run out the window the terminator did one thing that said to me that this show is not too serious. As John ran out the window the terminator walks towards the window, turn around and says “Class dismiss.” LOL are you kidding me. The robot wasted 5 seconds to deliver a stupid line that basically went against its code to terminate John Connor. Who programed this thing, Microsoft.

January 28, 2008

SFAM said:

The thing that bugged me most about the last episode was the “Epidermis from the blood bathtub” thing. I mean, gimme a break! They MUST have been able to come up with a better way of putting his skin back on.

But worse than that, I thought the “Jason” look worked fine on the terminator - they shoulda gone with it.

January 29, 2008

Daryl said:

Yes, the “class dismissed” line violated the entire spirit of the movies. One of the central theme of both 1 and 2 was the complete focus and unstoppability of the terminators. There was a visceral fear in being pursued by something wholely dedicated to killing you - doesn’t sleep, eat or rest. Sure doesn’t take time out to wise crack to high school kids.

rabah said:

salut sarah apelle moi au +21350913904

tygerpie said:

jeez lighten up you guys. the first episode may have been a bit silly but was also promising. no. 2 exceeded expectations. gotta love the new sarah. don’t know any franchise fiction that hardcore geeks liked at first.

January 31, 2008

Dorbid said:

After the exciting premise of a classic story being ported for television what do we get? This was such a bastardisation of two classic films. (the third was shit) Why the hell have they put a O.C wannabe as Johns Protector? My kitchen sick would of been more convincing. Why is Sarah Connor portrayed so badly (apart from the fact they have tried to sex her up)? I know its hardly fair to compare against Linda Hamilton but come on who is responsible for casting? A better program would be the casting director having to hide from the millions of pissed off terminator fans who are trying to track them down for pissing all over James Camerons great work. They should just stop and leave it alone. Stop introducing ridiculous female terminators and put some good human versus machine tension into the franchise.

February 5, 2008

kenryoku_one said:

Her’s an interview with Summer Glau:

kenryoku_one said:

On this last episode, the whole “getting they key to open the blast door” would have been better if we hadn’t just seen John pick a lock through a crack in the door of a moving truck.

wiredcoma said:

I don’t think this will be the last we see of the army terminator guy. He has all that time in there and his mission is no longer complete. With everything in that bunker, I’m sure he can get that door open.

I also like how cameron talked about terminators and self preservation, and at the end, she saves that one bar… I bet it was going to be her.

February 8, 2008

Com Wedge said:

Ok just saw episode four…

Complete waste of time for that episode. If they are going to go down the path of explaining every little detail of what the terminators are up to pre EOTW then I’m not going to hang around and watch it for long.

Summer Glau is awesome. That person who made the comment of Kristin Kreuk being a better actress or something…you are just not a geek.

Lena Hedley. Anyone see her in that lesbian film? Omg perfect choice for Sarah Connor, I think it is great that we see a more vulnerable side to the character brings a level of maturity to the character that Linda Hamilton only sort of touched on in the second film.

The fact that they have moved through time so easily is a little disturbing. Kinda breaks the reality of it ever happening. If the terminators really wanted to they could kill John Connor anytime. Be nice to see something in the plot like “at least they know who the resistance will be led by so they can kill him later theory”.

The first three episodes really did however spark my interest. I hope they don’t let us down and that this unknown chic terminator can have a baby John or throw us some other cool curve balls. Although I thought the time travel was too easy I still like the idea that Sarah Connor is still alive. At least we get to see her inner struggle with the fact that she is dealing with two types of cancers. The machines and her own.

February 9, 2008

dragyn said:

Thought the latest ep was great SF. Probably too slow moving for the fanboys. Kinda like Hardy Boy and Nancy Drews! Find my response on my blog. :-)

Nesstar said:

I think John Connor is comming of as some winey little emo-kid. He’d better hope some of his mothers “Bad-Assery” rubs off on him. That said, I effing *LOVE* Lena playing Sarah. Totally bad ass. Sarah Connor (in this series) is a M.I.L.F. with a capital *M*.

Summer Glau is pretty and everything. But honestly, not worth the hype. She was really good in Serenity, and the Fire Fly series. How could she fool John into thinking she’s a real person in the first 15 minutes of the show, and then all of the sudden she’s “Robo-Chick”.

February 10, 2008

Xeogred said:

Yeah, we need an explanation on Summer’s Terminator character, being pretty much downright human on the first episode and after John finds out who she is, all of a sudden she’s stupid and totally lifeless. It’s pretty annoying.

I too can agree with Com Wedge here. I thought the first three episodes were pretty good, but this last one … just bored the heck out of me.

I think Lena is doing a good job as Sarah so far (though maybe a bit too hot?), though she’ll never completely replace Linda.

Deb said:

While based on very well-done movies, the series is distinctly different in both plot and “attitude”.

The movies tried to keep things consistent, but in the series, that seems to be much less important. In the series, they’re more concerned with moving a plotline along, or getting a laugh or whatever. Sucks, but ratings are ratings.

I think it’ll be an entertaining show, as long as you aren’t comparing it to the movies and can suspend disbelief accordingly.

Kinda like Stargate the movie vs Stargate the series.

February 13, 2008

dragyn said:

Liked this week’s ep a lot. Lena Headey is growing on me as Sarah. My fave scene was the terminator field surgery! :-)
I sincerely hope the writers don’t go overboard with the “pretty android becomes more human” subplot. I guess that’s a losing battle. Still, can I compare thee to a Summer’s day? Thou art HOT!! lol

wiredcoma said:

same here, the series is really starting to come together with this episode. Cant wait for next week. :)

February 15, 2008

Klaw said:

Gotta say I’m starting to like the series a bit more. There are some wtf moments like the growing skin in a bathtub of blood… but there was something a bit X-files about that I liked. I think you are right SFAM a Jason thing would have worked too, since Terminator was a combo of cyberpunk and the stalker-killer genre. The intro parts of the series I think are well done… like the dream of the scientists working on the Manhattan project was a smart opening sequence.

Overall definitely watching for Summer, but me likey Lena even more… although she doesn’t really come across as badass enough, and she seems too “aw shucks” around John, like “yeah I know I’m your actress mom”.

At least the strike’s over. Otherwise I’d be picturing a very funny ‘24′ crossover. Jack Bauer versus Sarah Connor lol.

“Tell me where the bomb is!”

“Tell me where SKYNET is!”

February 18, 2008

domcug said:

did cromartie really have to explain to sarah,after she tried to
top herself that he could use her as bait.he did the voice thing.
just tear her hed off and get on with it dickhead.

Com Wedge said:

Have to agree episode five was much better. Kyle Reece’s brother is in the picture and John has got his surrogate father back. I too cannot wait for episode six!


February 19, 2008

wiredcoma said:

ooh, it’s getting good now. :)

Gigabyte Eschaton said:

The redone picture with Lena was a nice nostalgic touch.

One thing that worries me a little is that after one of the reprogrammed Terminators went ballistic in the rebel camp, Cameron said “sometimes that happens”. I don’t want to see unreliable Terminators. It better be a case of backup programming hidden by Skynet in case of units being co-opted.

Looking forward to a liquid metal antagonist.

February 20, 2008

Daryl said:

Pretty cool insinuating that teenage fembot might go “bad”.

Any idea what they were doing to Reece in the mysterious “torture” room in the future? Was he being tortured by teenage fembot in there? He was pretty upset when he saw her.

February 22, 2008


Just watched the first episode in the UK - couldn’t get my head around what was happening, until I realised they have basically wiped out the T3 continuity (they have, haven’t they?). It’s a different Sarah, for sure and not just in looks/build.

The male terminator was just crap - Arnie Lite, at best. Good points have been made about the fact that robo babe was totally human at first and then starts being more robot-like: programmed to be this way, maybe…?

It certainly didn’t grab me like the BSG Pilot but then, that was a piece of TV magic and as quite a few people have said, most show’s suck, in their infancy (STTNG being an obvious example).

Will stick with it, cos T1 and T2 are in my top 10 movies ever and the potential exists for a great show - it’s all down to the writing, ultimately….

February 23, 2008

raptor said:

i think so far the series has yet to find its feet after seeing ep 6 being totaly brain fucked bout y the terminater who looks like he has been submerged in water for a year or so lets all the resistance fighters go i mean wtf? wat is this capture and release were not fishing for fuck sake get with it

oh well a nude scean with cameron wouldn’t go astray but eh may as well keep dreamin lol

February 26, 2008

wiredcoma said:

most likely the music room will be explained later on. Johns uncle is still alive, so I’m sure we’ll get some more info from him as the episodes go by.

wiredcoma said:

holy hell, the moment I say that, they show cameron dancing in her room to the same fucking song they played in the basment in the previous episode where they took the prisoners.

thats a total mind fuck right there.

February 27, 2008

dragyn said:

Totally awesome ep. This show gets better every week! The last scene - with the convergence of “human” and “inhuman” - was mind blowing.
Loved the touch with Silberman being a religious nut and then revealing the FBI dude is a believer himself. Bruce Davison is always good. Hope they bring him back.
This might sound Silberman-crazy, but I think Summer Glau is the best actor on the show. Glad she got a chance to show her dance training. She started out as a dancer, I believe.
A+ rating

March 4, 2008

Phyllis Verkler said:

Loved the show and I want to see more!

Why does this show suck so hard? said:

Terminator 2 is my favorite movie ever…

That said, I’m so thoroughly dissapointed with this show. The monologues at the beginning and end of every episode need to stop. Where did the action go? This show is like a f’n soap opeara for 14 year old boys. I’m disgusted.

Deb said:

Hi. I was taping another show that started close to the time that the “final” episode of “Chronicles” ended; and I missed what happened after Cameron started the vehicle and it exploded. Did she “survive”? Did her robot “brain” survive? Was it left as a cliff-hanger? Details from someone would be very appreciated! Also, was the man running away just before she blew herself up, the Armenian who has the Turk or was it the Cyborg who killed almost all of the FBI agents? Thanks ahead of time to anyone!

Gigabyte Eschaton said:

Survive?! Have you even seen the original Terminator. If a T800 can survive an entire tanker he’s driving blowing up, I think a more advanced model will be fine with a simple carbombing, minus the flesh covering of course.

Gigabyte Eschaton said:

To add to that, I wonder if Summer Glau is leaving the production. Cameron being blown up could mean a new flesh covering, and with that a new actress as Cameron.

March 5, 2008

dragyn said:

Wow. Amazing. Brilliant. This is the best TV show period. I am not religious but I love the armageddon angle with Agent Ellison. The second episode was a classic. Summer Glau is stealing this series outright. Everyone is getting better, though. Brian Austin Green was excellent. I also thought the time travel paradox moment was superb. I hope Fox gives this series a full run next year (or whenever the new season would start). This is what television should be. This is what science fiction was meant to be. And yes, I am cheering for the humans. Long live the fighters!

wiredcoma said:

I doubt she’ll leave. At comiccon, she was in a panel talking about where the series will go from here, and she was talking about all the things she wants and hopes to do in the future series.

Plus, with the things she’s already gone through (for example, sticking her hand in that generator.) without a scratch, I doubt this will harm her much. She really does seem to heal extreamly fast too from what it seems in the series.

She better come back anyway. There are way too many questions left open that need answered. And while we’re on the subject of questions, can anyone tell me why they DID NOT dig around in camerons chip when they had it out like they did with the other terminator? The entire time I was like, “no, stop! dont put it back in yet, there are so many questions that could be fucking answered, dont put the chip back in yet… ah fuck….”

Toniv said:

Okay this may be a dumb question but are they planning more episodes? I loved it I have waited for T4 to come out and well it never has. I love the hole story line and I am jus happy to know that there are others loving it to. I think we need to cut the TV version some slack, it would be really hard to transfer from movie to series.(I think). I loved it and I want more……….. Will there be more????????????????????????????????????????

March 7, 2008

wiredcoma said:

yes there will be more. there was actually going to be like… 3 more episodes for the first season, but due to the writers strike, it was just short.

Luckally, the strike is over, and the writers are back in their holes writing their hands off to make us happy.

March 19, 2008

Synthoid said:

Dr. Silberman needs his own show, we can call it the Peter Silberman Chronicles.

Mr No1 said:

I was suspecting crap action and cheesy stuff here but I was pleasently surprised. I spent Paddy’s Day watching all the episodes in one go and I like the way they didn’t make another shit TV series of this.
There are obviously some incongruencies but, then, it’s only TV and I reckon they have a limited budget and so on.
Anyway, I didn’t like the end of the first series too much. I know there were supposed to be 12 episodes, but still. Does anybody expect a Terminator to be destroyed by that explosion??? I don’t think that fools any fan.

Deb said:

Don’t be hating Mr No1 @ 2:05 pm! I am a fan; and definately not a fool! (Just old and kinda naive). Give me a break, will ya? Hopefully, there will many more episodes to come for all of us to enjoy! Peace

Mr No1 said:

So, you actually think that an explosion like that would terminate a terminator (and that one in particular)?

March 20, 2008

Deb said:

No - obviously not. I just didn’t think my questions through all of the way, in my enthusiasm. (I use to be blonde); but “Fool” is a bit harsh. Regardless, I think that you’ll agree that it was a surprisingly awesome show. Since you seem fairly perceptive, could you tell me who the man running away just before the bomb went off was please? Thanks - Peace

Tony Blair said:

Hello Its tony i loved the last season it ruled i set up a fan site called

March 23, 2008

Mr No1 said:

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be harsh. What I was trying to say is that they didn’t achieve a high level of dramatism by making the terminator the victim of the explosion, if dramatism was what they wanted for the season finale. Only a person not familiarised with Terminator would think that she could “die”.
Perhaps they didn’t want to give any dramatic effect after all?
Apart from that and other details, I’m happy enough with the show, as I said. I expected it to be much worse.

Well, I think the man you refer to is the actual owner of The Turk, that guy from the internet cafe (whose name I can’t remember), the father of the little girl. I guess he is more dangerous than he seemed there at the internet cafe’s cashier…

March 27, 2008

tad said:

I love this show

November 19, 2008

mr3027 said:

This show is great. Getting only better.

November 20, 2008

SFAM said:

Hi mr3027, I fully agree. I need to re-review this. The worst episode of the first two seasons was the first one. Its gotten steadily better with each and every one.

November 22, 2008

Adam Daub said:

Ok writers… how about this? Have Cameron gain human emotions and then kill her off.
(and suddenly all the fanboys get angry)

December 10, 2008

corvette said:

Kill Cameron off and then have another cyborg that looks just like Cameron (the same actor but a different cyborg) replace her (but now she doesn’t have all the memories).

corvette said:

In fact, at first, let John and Sarah and them think that the replacement Cameron was the real Cameron and have them wonder why she doesn’t remember anything and why her memories are different. Let her go to school and, when talking to students and the teacher and such, not remember a darn thing from before (because it’s a different robot that looks like Cameron) as she tries to pretend to be the original Cameron.

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