System Shock 2 page 2: More Screencaps

To give you an idea as to what you will be in for, here are some screencaps to enjoy. WARNING: Some may be more intense than you expect.


Choice of tours

Before your post aboard the Von Braun/Rickenbacker, you will have a chance to bulk up on your stats by choosing tours of duty for your first three years. OSA tours are shown here.


Why is this woman running… and screaming?




You’ll be facing threats from meat and mech alike.


“We seek your kneecaps.”


XERXES is the AI aboard the Von Braun. Any similarities between him and SHODAN is purely ridiculous.


Note the camera near the top-center. You need to knock them out or avoid them to keep XERXES from calling reinforcements to pester you.


Yuck! Who does the housekeeping???


Do you spank the monkey? Or does the monkey spank you?


This poor sould lost his head. You need to keep yours.


Arachnophobes, consider this a warning.


The Many

“What is a drop of rain, compared to the storm? What is a thought, compared to a mind? Our unity is full of wonder, which your tiny individualism… cannot even conceive.”


“No! This is too creepy! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!” *BOOM* falls to floor.


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May 27, 2008

Jason said:

you might consider checking out some of the higher res textures available at

although i couldn’t even get the game working under xp let alone try these out

Carpe Mortis said:

there is a patch that adds co-op multi-player (SO AWESOME) and windows 2K support. Under XP I was able to get SS2 to run using that patch, turning off the hardware acceleration on my sound card, and setting the compatibility layer to windows 2000. There are a few sites out there that detail this process better than I can since i don’t have windows any more…

Which reminds me, time to check out Wine HQ and see if I can run SS2 under linux.

May 28, 2008

Synthoid said:

This game both amazed and frightened me. Bring on System Shock 3.

Rizno said:

Truly a brilliant cyberpunk game. Ranks up there with Deus Ex in my books, but I think I’d still give Deus Ex the edge off this game.

May 30, 2008

gameria said:

One of my all time favorite videogames (and stories)!! I played it again a month ago and was thrilled again. It’s just funny how such an old game can be so more fascinating than most of the new ones! :)

If you want to know how to make it function or anything about all the mods for the game, visit this great site:

Rage_Moiz said:

One of the few true cyberpunk games out there. I found a tutorial here that shows how to get the game up and running on Windows XP\2000.
Hope it helps. :)

June 1, 2008

MrAdventure said:

Yes, this is one of my top games of all time. Cooperative and single player are both excellent experiences. I give it a ten out of ten as well, even though the final level was a terrible experience. Game design golden rule: Don’t change to jumping puzzles at the last minute!

June 5, 2008

werner kajal m. said:

ahhh… system shock 2…. in my opinion this is the second best pc game ever, (80% perfect imho) right after half life…… :) the atmosphere was just great in ss2… and the design! ahh! us game but the design had some asian asthetic… the spaceship was very well designed… very believable…
i can strongly recommend this game, if i had a pc i would play it again….. very cyberpunk too, elegant, dark….

August 24, 2008


You may want to check out the game, “Marathon.” That’s an fps cyberpunk if there ever was one.

October 3, 2008

Converse said:

Just got and finished this game for first time… wow… might be my favorite game of all time, even went and rented out 2001: a space odyssey after :P

October 14, 2010

Rawmekk said:

If your game starts, but crashes ingame (mainly when you start a new game right at the beginning):
Start the game. In the main menu, minimize to task manager, search the system shock 2.exe under processes, then rightclick it and choose the 4th option. Then, deactivate all CPU’s, but not CPU 0. Maximize the game and enjoy!

October 15, 2010

Skrýmir said:

The Fourth Option meaning Set Affinity. Though the game not supporting Multi-threading isn’t generally the cause of a lot of the crashes, using System Shock 2 Mod Manager to launch even if you aren’t running mods will help because it uses the comand for a starting on a Single core just in case. Generally crashes are related to the games age with newer hardware, and operating systems.

January 20, 2012

jmm1233 said:

this game now works in an excellent state thanks to SS2tool v3 on win 7 , patches up multicore , nocd and ddfix and mod ready all in one , also there is a ton of mods now for this game at systemshock org , enbseries works wonders with the shader and can get the mood lighting perfect using the d10 render though the game works on opengl as well ,

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