Music Review By: Mr. Roboto

Year: 2007

Artist: OverCoat (Official Site)

Written by: Scott “OverCoat” Porter except “Bothersome” by Lackluster

Label: N/A

Download from OverCoat’s site

Cyberpunk Adventure EP front cover

Track Listing:

1. Evaporative Air Coolers - 3:42
2. Bothersome (OverCoat Remix) - Original by Distance\Lackluster - 5:19
3. Genertater - 4:12
4. Shmorg - 3:20
5. Alleyways - 2:37
6. Laboratorious - 3:10

It started with a Google. I was looking for some cyberpunk images via “G” and found the pic above. Then I went to the site and found it was a cover for an album… EP in this case. Here’s how OverCoat describes it on his blog (2007-12-23 entry):

6 kindofbrandnew cyberpunk-twisted tracks. At first I tried to make the music sound like Blade Runner or Deus Ex but I failed hard at that, so I made my own musical take on the cyberpunk style. There’s a little bit of industrial, a little bit of breaks, doused in ambient and then downsampled to hell, as usual.

Ambient - No lyrics on how to hijack NSAT&T with a buffer overflow worm or what it feels like to surrender flesh to silicon and steel. Just some background music for reading Neuromancer or Altered Carbon, or for playing your favorite cyberpunk mod for whatever game you’re playing right now.

As you can see in this YouTube video of “Evaporative Air Coolers,” OverCoat used a music tracker program to create his works.


Being an EP, it’s a short but sweet bit of work, and it does sound like OverCoat has the general idea of cyberpunk. At least, the price is good. Maybe if he spent some time here to learn more about cyberpunk…

Best advice: Download it and see if it’s ambient enough for your favorite books and games. I’m going to try it by burning a CD.

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