After being up for over a year, and having collected so many questionable entries, I thought it was time to announce the winner of the “favorite author” poll and start a new one.

William Gibson

Some 3100 votes were cast, and the man behind Neuromancer gathered nearly 1000 votes, more than 30%. At a distant second was Phillip K. Dick (only 400 for him), with Neil Stephenson taking bronze for his 300 votes.

Now, the next poll is ready to be voted upon, and already has some votes. The question: What do you believe is the most significant contribution to cyberpunk? Some candidates for your consideration:

* Bruce Bethke’s short story, where the word is first used.

* The publication of Neuromancer.

* Blade Runner is released in theatres.

You can vote for one of these, or add an entry that you feel is an important contribution. Just make certain to vote/add because I’m not going to leave this poll running for a year.

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