Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Page 2 - More Screencaps

Here are some more T2 Screencaps for you


screen capture

I loved Sarah Conner’s escape. This whole sequence really captures how determined she’s become.


screen capture

In this moment (encountering the Terminator with her son), we see Sarah’s whole reality literally go into free float.


screen capture

The whole head cutting effect was truly awe-inspiring when released (it’s still cool). It doesn’t have quite the same impact now though, especially if you go through it frame by frame.


screen capture

Another freeky scene, where the T2 slowly forms back into Robert Patrick.


screen capture

“You’re no good to us if you can’t pass for human.”


screen capture

The end of the world. Oranges and blues are the dominant color palettes for T2.


screen capture

Yet another cool liquid metal scene, where, near the end, the T2, reassembles himself.


screen capture

I still absolutely love the shots where the T2 transforms his body into something completely different. In this shot, Arnold hits him through the head, which the T2 slowly turns into his arm.


screen capture

The feel of the last fourth of the movie is eerily similar to the first one. Terminator’s are the horror version of the energizer bunny - they just keep coming!



screen capture

From the extras on the first movie, we find that Arnold would regularly call Cameron and ask him when they were doing the next one. You can tell why - he really excels at this role.


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July 4, 2007

mahoni said:

Sorry for my bad english,

I would like to know if you ou have a screen capture of T1000 with a big hole in his face. I’m french and I have a lot of difficulty to find this image on the net.
This movie is a masterpiece !



July 26, 2007

Ted Silver said:


August 10, 2007

Tom Read said:

Super!!! MAGMA is rulezzz…

August 14, 2007

ARSHAD said:

arnold is the one only hero in the world he is my favorite till i die i m his best in the worls, if arnold sees this comment and reply to me i will b the happyest person in the world i love arnold(action hero ) the best body builder the world has ever seen

i m in india all arnold fans if u contact me my id is arshad_youth@yahoo.com

January 9, 2008

JoRg said:

Thank U 4 posting this pics!!!! U just made My day…

OvergrownEgo said:

The liquid one was T-1000 not T2. :)

March 24, 2008

katie Jones said:

i love the way sarah conner kick ass.

Katie Jones said:

i love the way Linda Hamilton kick ass!

March 28, 2008

Michael J. Thomas said:

Yes I think I have the picture your looking for.. It’s near the end of the film where the T-1000 is chasing Sarah & John Connor through the steel works and she blows a massive hole in his head with a shot-gun.. Please send me an e-mail through my address or leave me a comment on my Bebo site if you would like me to send you the picture.. I taken the snapshot with VLC media player on Windows Vista and is saved in the PNG image format..

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