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February 2, 2012

Smart Bullets - The latest Hollywood tech made real.

Source: Sandia Labs, via TechCrunch and Mashable.

Smart Bullet (Runaway)

“The back half is all solid propellant. There’s different valves for directional control. The nose is all electronic. You’ve heard of a bullet that has your name on it? Well, this one really does.” (Marvin James (played by Stan Shaw).

Hollywood may sue over this! There’s more shit about to hit the fan if it hasn’t already, I’ll be blogging more on that by the weekend. But Hollywood might want to know that not only are whole movies being pirated, but companies are stealing the technology from within them.

Specifically, Runaway’s “smart” missile-bullets. Sandia National Labs has developed a self-guided bullet (a “micro-missile” might be a better description) that can hit a target a mile away. Now they’re looking for a partner to further develop and bring the new ammo to market.

Sandia’s self-guided bullet

Not exactly the smartest bullet, but being able guide itself within 8 inches of a target 1000 yards away makes regular bullets look like dumbasses.


A more sophisticated way to wake up dead. The bullet is essentially a laser-guided missile; You point your laser-pointer at your target and the bullet’s optronics does the rest… assuming you pull the trigger to send it on its way.

At four inches long, the prototype won’t fit your Saturday-night special. Also, it requires a smooth-bore barrel to launch out of. Most bullets need a rifled barrel to give them a gyroscopic-stabilizing spin, but the bullet-missile has fins that stabilize and even control its flight path.

Smart Bullet Trace

An LED attached during a night test turns the smart bullet into a tracer round.

Just in time for ACTA signings. Given recent events over SOPA/PIPA, announcement of this bullet can either be a dream come true or a security nightmare. Potential customers for the bullet include the military, law enforcement and recreational shooters, so Sandia says. Of course, they’ll eventually find their way into the wrong hands. But first they need to be developed and brought to market first.

Will the missile-bullets be corner-turning heat-seekers like in the movie? Maybe future versions will have the ability to “pick” a target, or even be programmed for a specific target. Maybe a pheromone-guided, nuclear tipped version that can be fired from a 50-caliber gun can be made. Whenever Sandia announces the market version, they should get one man to “pull the trigger.”

Gene Simmons, Runaway (1984)

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February 2, 2012

virtual reality 91 said:

so i’m guessing my suggestion for reviewing world on a wire will remain ignored?

SSJKamui said:

I’m glad that there are more frequent site updates now. (Although again, it’s a tech/politics news, like in the last 2 times. )

hxinst said:

Haha awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of them when the time comes.

So can we partly blame Gene Simmons and his love gun for these Super Bullets?

February 6, 2012

comwedge said:

Wicked but hollywood would sue them even if it wasn’t their idea. It’s just the way they work…hey let’s make one big Hollywood bullet!

February 8, 2012

Wiggett said:

oh comwedge :D

Certainly neat, i’m sure they could make some sort of ppe sized delivery system, and it’d look damn CY

February 14, 2012

YukiOnna said:

It’s awesome and terrifying all at the same time!

February 21, 2012

Pffff said:

Yea, right.
American bullets.
You have to point a laser at your target in order to hit it with the real weapon. What a laugh.
I have a suggestion: Teach your soldiers how to aim, maybe they would be effective this way wihout using Bullets that cost half a million each.

March 4, 2012

Tessier said:

Hey Pffff, do you know anybody who can hit a target a mile away with a small caliber round? Besides you’re missing the point of “Hey, lets see if we can do this.” It’s called innovation. Hell, if it becomes reliable it’d be great for hostage situations.

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