Vexille Screencap


First reported on 24Framespersecond, Fumihiko Sori (Producer of Appleseed) directing a new cyberpunk anime called, Vexille for Shochiku Films. The description is as follows:


From the creators of APPLESEED, comes a Full CG animation Sci-Fi Action film. 2077 - 10 years has passed since Japan had decided to leave the United Nations to go into isolation. They have completely blocked the islands with an ultra magnetic field which prevents anyone to see what is going inside, nor for people to travel in/out of the country. This was a result to opposing to a treaty which UN has passed, preventing the development of all bio and robot technology which has evolved drastically and has become a threat to the human beings. When Japan finally begins to move, the US government sends in a special force team SWORD, lead by a female commander Vexille, to investigate what is really happening inside the closed country.


While this sounds interesting, I’m hoping to see projects that depict a more complex “robots and AI are taking over the world!” scenario - possibly ones which stress more individuality among a various groupings of AIs and sentient robots. One can imagine scenarios where competing interests are keeping some on humanity’s side, others fervently opposed, and more still somewhere in the middle.

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