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I’ve changed the navigation menu a bit. The major change is in the addition of the Cyberpunk Wiki. So far, we’ve only had updates to the Cyberpunk Websites page, but hopefully we can get lots more of you to start participating. If you have a band that plays cyberpunk-like music, list it. Same if you do cyberpunk art, make movies, etc.

The other changes involve adding a link to my “Movies by Star Ratings” page on the top - apparently many haven’t seen the movie category groupings on the right - hopefully this will help somewhat. Also, I’ve taken off the full name of the forums. Previously they were called the “Virtual Meatspace (forums)” but I’ve shortened this to just forums. We still refer to them as the Virtual Meatspace (Meatspace is NOT misspelled - this is a Neuromancer reference - either you get it or you don’t) but I don’t have enough room on top to list the full name anymore.


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Finally, just an update on the site. Even with my lack of posts in December, CyberpunkReview has still been growing at a pretty steady rate, as has the Virtual Meatspace, which has become pretty active - better yet, it has a terrific international flavor to it, which I love. In January, Cyberpunkreview got over 33,000 unique visitors with almost 200,000 page views (not counting bots). I still have no advertising here, and don’t ever plan on doing so.

I’m also a big believer in the power of mass collaboration. If you have a desire to take part in doing reviews, or build out the Wiki however you see fit, climb on board! We’ll welcome you with open arms.

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The Livejournal Cyberpunk Collective member “ca91″ found a story about Tufts University Biomimetic Technologies Project’s creation of the first soft-bodied robots.


While robots have moved from the realm of science fiction to a myriad of real-life uses, the potential of the “hard-bodied” robots of the 21st century remains limited by their stiff construction and lack of flexibility. A group of researchers at Tufts University has launched a multidisciplinary initiative focused on the science and engineering of a new class of robots that are completely soft-bodied. These devices will make possible advances in such far flung arenas as medicine and space exploration.

…According to Kaplan, the project will bring together biology, bioengineering and micro/nano fabrication. “Our overall goal is to develop systems and devices–soft-bodied robots–based on biological materials and on the adaptive mechanisms found in living cells, tissues and whole organisms,” he explains. These devices, he notes, will have direct applications in robotics, such as manufacturing, emergency search and retrieval, and repair and maintenance of equipment in space; in medical diagnosis and treatment, including endoscopy, remote surgery, and prostheses design; and in novel electronics such as soft circuits and power supplies.


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While they are definitely working on technology destined for the betterment of mankind, and more specifically, appear to be experimenting with caterpillar prototypes to get soft-bodied locomotion, ca91 predicts a more profitable use of this technology achievement:


Yeah, right :) I’ll make a prediction now:

This technology will become popular for the same reason the internet did: porn! But in this case it’ll be sex toys :D


Masume Shirow Intron Depot Art


Considering the significant advances Japan and Korea and have been achieving in creating female androids, I gotta agree - it’s only a matter of a time before high-priced Cherry 2000s hit the assembly line. One can already imagine hoards of nerdy venture capitalists, fresh off of making millions in the tech industry, descending on Masume Shirow to offer contracts to design customized product lines. This industry is gonna be jumpin!

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