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February 19, 2009

No Privacy Without Piracy

Source: Julian Togelius’ Blog

Julian Togelius

Julian’s Blogger profile shows he’s into technology, but has he come across something with a slogan he just pulled out of the ether?

Julian Togelius normally blogs about his work in artificial intelligence. However, on Monday 16-February-2009, he posted something that came to him completely out of the blue… or it got knocked loose from watching/reading/hearing about the currently in-progress Sweden vs. The Pirate Bay trial. It came to him in the form of a “slogan:”


Julian’s explanation:

The idea is that any method I’ve ever heard of for eradicating piracy, and indeed any conceivable method for doing so, build on also eradicating (or at least severely curtailing) privacy.

If you follow technology in the past few years, any anti-pirating tech has always come with anti-privacy issues whether it is DRM spyware or ISP wiretaps. In one simple slogan, Julian hopes to take the piracy-privacy connection to a new level, make people think more about the two, and possibly spread the word around viral-meme style.

So, is it an “All Your Base…” worthy battle cry, or something to be forgotten like Goatse and Tubgirl?

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February 19, 2009

Immortal_Peregrin said:

Whether or not this meme lasts I think that privacy is one of the most important issues of our time.

Illogic said:

People are saying that it’s Sweden vs. The Pirate Bay? The hell?
I’ll have to disagree there. It’s more Warner and Friends vs. The Pirate Bay.
And so far it looks like the Pirate Bay is winning.
Half the charges has been dropped, and they’re arguing over which law they’re supposed to be judged by.
Or that’s how I’ve understood it so far at least.

Eyeswide said:

They certainly are not forgotten. Once seen they can sadly not be unwatched.

I will never forget Tub Lady!!!

Sadako said:

According to an online poll on the website of sweden’s biggest newspaper, 90.9% of the voters are siding with The Pirate Bay.

February 24, 2009

Mr No 1 said:

After The Pirate Bay issue, Eircom decided to block users from entering file sharing websites. EMI, Sony and the big ones are behind this.

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