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December 27, 2009

Cyberpunk: Colin Timothy Gagnon

Music Review By: Mr. Roboto

Year: 2008

Aritst: Colin Timothy Gagnon

Written by: Colin Timothy Gagnon

Label: N/A

Album Cover - Colin Timothy Gagnon - Cyberpunk

Click the image to download the album from the artist’s site.

Track Listing:
1. Quiet - 2:10
2. Asphalt Dawn - 3:06
3. From the Ground Up - 3:08
4. Bad Deal - 1:24
5. Mass Transit - 3:54
6. These Doors Are Open - 1:45
7. It Never Stops Raining Here - 5:05
8. The Path of Least Resistance - 4:29
9. Arena - 1:41
10. Macrocosm - 2:42
11. Insertion Point - 3:29

Overview: Cyberpunk music is often described as “music with a feeling of living in a cyberpunk world.” Some would prefer that music with lyrics that tell a story; Others prefer just the music. If you prefer instrumental “ambient” cyberpunk, Colin Timothy Gagnon has an album for you to download into your ear canals. Released late last year, here’s how he describes his work:

A collection of tracks composed between 2002 and 2008 in the style of late ’80s and early ’90s video game music. I was reading a lot of seminal cyberpunk fiction when I composed the earliest of these tracks, and I imagine those authors expected the future to sound a little like this.

To me, ambient music is much like the “magic eye” autostereograms from the mid-90s; You may get it right away and the effect is spectacular, or you struggle with it and never get it. Fortunately, Gagnon’s site has a built-in player that will allow you to test the tracks to see if you like them. For now, let’s see what the individual tracks have to offer.

Quiet. The opening track is more tension than actual quietness, with echoing drums. I can probably hear this tune playing in the background while exploring Neocron’s Industrial and Outzone sectors.

Asphalt Dawn. Daybreak over the gritty city. Don’t think I quite got this one, but it does sound uplifting, like watching the sun rise.

From The Ground Up. Not sure about this one. Maybe looking up at the towering buildings

Bad Deal. A transaction has gone sour and now you need to run.

Mass Transit. Try listening to this the next time you’re on a subway or bus on your way to… wherever.

These Doors Are Open. I can imagine waking past a club and hearing a tune like this near the front door.

It Never Stops Raining Here. The opening does sound like water dripping from the roof after a recent rain.

The Path of Least Resistance. Funky bass line at the start, soaring the rest of the way.

Arena. Music you would expect at any sporting event. Bring on the gladiators!

Macrocosm. A term for how one interprets large-scale patterns, maybe like the rifts in this tune.

Insertion Point. You arrive at a spot, ready for action when the music picks-up the pace.

Conclusion: Whether or not this album is cyberpunk enough depends on how you interpret ambient music. Best advice: Visit Gagnon’s site and listen to the tunes via the player application, and make you own call. I’ll be listening to this work to see if I can get it.

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December 27, 2009 said:

got to say, i kinda like it even tho i only have gotten to 6. so far.

it has the right kind of era in terms of music tech used. 1. sounded like it came straight out of beneath a steel sky or similar ;)

December 28, 2009

gartbroby said:

This is kind of unrelated to this particular artist - but did you ever review Deltron 3030 - it tells a story and i think it has many cyberpunk themes - but its rap music - it consists of del the funky homosapian and dan the automator and someone else - give it a listen if you get a chance

Scorpeon said:

Thanks alot. This is the kind of stuff I look for.

December 29, 2009

Furby said:

DEFINITELY review Deltron 3030, even if you don’t like rap.

Drone said:

Yes, i liked it, though it sounds somehow like ‘in-Game-Music’ like someone above mentioned.
As for Deltron, well i watched the Youtube vid, and while its more bearable (and def. more intelligent) than most Rap, its still Rap, and Rap always sucks in my book.
Apart from FLA, Skinny Puppy and Mentallo and the Fixer i would recommend Autechre, they are more abstract than most music.
Check this

December 30, 2009

EcoDrone said:

Thanks for posting this. !

January 3, 2010

Chase357 said:

Thanks for posting this album! Cyberpunk is a great listen and it’s pretty much the soundtrack to my daily activities now. It’s very old school and some songs have DOS/16-bit gaming vibe to them. Just love it!

AHA said:

Hey there!

I enjoy your site. I need to discuss some things with you. Please get in touch :)

January 4, 2010

SolidFake said:

Listened to it.
I have to admit, it’s not really the music I connect with cyberpunk, don’t understand me wrong, it’s a really great album and many tracks are heavily worth to listen to, but most songs remind onto several fantasy rpgs I played then onto cyberpunk games. It might be that it sounds a bit like 8&16 bit music, which I don’t hate at all, but when I speak about ambient it’s not ever my first time favourite.
Anyways, good album, if cyberpunk or not, ever worth a download!

btw here are two fantastic cyberpunk albums which you really need to listen to if don’t know them already!

January 5, 2010

DezFoxtoN said:

Thanks for posting! great stuff :)

January 6, 2010

SolidFake said:

I have to admit, at the beginning I was quite unsure about what I should think. Cyberpunk music I listened before didn’t sound like this. I thought that the music doesn’t sound cyberpunk at all, but I forgot that it was meant for cyberpunk games. And now after hearing it sometimes I have to say that this album is really fantastic!
Some tunes are totally stunning and make me want to listen again and again, I really can imagine these sounds in some future old-school or 2d cp games :)

January 10, 2010

bipo said:

A little to much of MIDI, but good, even so.

January 24, 2010

Majus said:

I just submitted to the Discogs database for any of you audiophiles out there.

While I appreciated Mr. Gagnon’s enthusiasm, the release does NOT bring me into world of cyberpunk immersion. A few of the tracks made me feel as if I was playing one of the original Castlevania games. Conceptually, using chiptune-esque sounds is not a good idea. Also, just because you use old school musik production software (or software that produces like sound) or archaic machines (i.e. Amiga 500, Commodor 64), does not make the sound old school, I’m afraid.

February 1, 2010

mr.phyrephox said:

awesome, it sounds like it came straight out of a cyberpunk game. in fact i feel like making a cyberpunk game just so i can use this music in it

December 26, 2010

46175 said:

unfortunately is down..

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