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March 5, 2007

Cheney is Really a Fleet of Malfunctioning Cyborgs!


This was too funny not to post. On the Daily Show last week, John Oliver posited that the explanation for Cheney’s seemingly contradictory positions is because he’s really a bunch of cyborgs. Whether or not you like or hate the current administration, you’ll probably find this funny. But enjoy it while it lasts, as it gets pulled from Comedy Central at the end of the month, and has already been pulled from YouTube. Truly, I’m sure that ongoing buzz and publicity is bad for a TV show so I certainly understand their desire to get this off the air quickly.


Cheney as Cyborg


Strangely enough, the “Cheney as Cyborg” mantra seems to be picking up steam as we look around the web. There are pictures, lots of political posts, and even a comment from Scott Adams a number of years back. Hopefully this has more to do with his suspect intellect than just his body replacements. Then again, propping up Dick Cheney as an example of superior cyborg thinking isn’t going to endure the world to transhumanity, now is it? :)


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March 6, 2007

[ETM] said:

Saved the video for posterity. Thanks!

[…] lead me to a post written in May 2007.  Challenging the theory of Cyborg Cheney is the suggestion that Vice President Dick Cheney was on the D.C. Madam’s infamous list of […]

[…] It’s interesting, the information coming out on the Cheney “doubles.” I’ve always been suspicious of some photographs purporting to contain images of Cheney. He simply looks too young, too upright for him to be the real deal. We know the man is practically at death’s door, a stooped-over troll with a failing ticker and a bad attitude, so why do they always choose younger, healthier actors to play his part? “Public image?” Really people? Do we want SO badly to believe our leaders are “strong” that we won’t even notice an obvious plant? Come on, people: Deep down we KNOW the man is really a fleet of Malfunctioning Cyborgs!!! […]

June 14, 2008

RoBo said:

This is all wrong. Cyborg is a humanistic concept, where homeostasis is augmented in order to free up humans to think, feel, and explore. The Daily Show has fallen for the pop-culture Cyborg, not Clynes and Kline’s Cyborg. To make a dichotomy between “person” and “Cyborg”, even a fleet of them is wrong, but unfortunately, not surprising. The servo sounds at the end of the clip confirm their concept of Cyborgs as robotic Terminators covered in living flesh. Wrong!

June 24, 2008

Burnt_lombard said:

Yes they went with pop culture cyborg, because it is their goal to be funny. Not accurate.

Also it’s been a year later and the vid remains. The only reason it was pulled from Youtube is cause viacom wants to get paid for its embedded videos.

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