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November 17, 2006

Meet Your Future McDonald’s Register Babe!


Posted in the Techy News Picks of the Day thread in the Meatspace forums, Synapsis uncovers this little treat for us. It’s only a matter of time before most of the customer service jobs in the industrialized world are “outsourced” to androids. When androids are able to consistently recognize a person coming up to them, and have a clear set of subroutines for a proceduralized interaction such as the one we encounter at a fast food joint, the opportunity arises for a significant conversion of roles. As long as the android can recognize the proper currency (or possible there is a machine this is inserted into), and “knows” when to refer the encounter to a manager, there becomes little reason to include humans. Labor costs go down, and procedural consistency goes up!

Welcome to your cyberpunked future!

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November 17, 2006

erc1971 said:

My Comment…Wow, impressive.

November 20, 2006

DannyV said:

Egad! Have we finally been blessed with a cashier that understands what “no mayo” means?!

Zyro said:


If you are into it SFAM go and take a look.

Au revoir

November 21, 2006

somejerk said:

can anyone say sex slave? I CAN!!!

slider said:

Horror! To buy a meal from robots!..

November 22, 2006

Bergo said:

Interesting stuff. I always wonder what consumer backlash will be. Here in Australia many people get angry when outsourced operators with strong accents call up on behalf of Australian companies.

I wonder whether the same will be true with Android. Also, the Android will probably call a real manager if a customer gets irate and angry.

I wonder how much an android would cost comparative to a human?

Would the android cost sales to a company if people didn’t like it?

Will they be cheaper than a $5 an hour kid who also cleans the floor, tables and windows?

I think that as somejerk mentioned, there might be some “different” customer service uses where people are willing to pay more than a macdonalds burger :}

Seriously though, people now can get frustrated wth phone queues and Interactive Voice systems.

I am sure this is probably still a few years off, but I am curious to see the possibilities.

[…] First I spotted Meet Your Future McDonald’s Register Babe! over at So we move closer and closer to the Replicants dreamed up in “Bladerunner” from “Do Androids dream of electronic sheep?“. […]

Hugo said:

In the future, such androids will be programmed to chew gum, fumble your orders and treat you with utter disrespect and contempt when you order anything that requires more effort from her than saying, “Cheeseburger.”

Further developments will include BusBoy(TM) with optional ACNE-Tech(C), UnderageStoreManager(TM) v. 1.0 with built in SmarmScreen(C) and CleaningLady (Designed and Built in Peurto Rico) with integrated ForeignJibberISH(C) and UnmotivatedWorkEthic(TM).

Bring it on!

November 30, 2006

Toliman said:

at first, i thought it was lindsay lohan by the lack of focus and painfully jerky articulated movement.

and then i realised this robotic automaton could replace most all of the roles of a lindsay lohan. if they added the japanese touch to a western market version of the actroid, a blonde, “paris hilton ‘actroid’” - complete with hentai favoured styled jiggling silicone rubber implants from DOA XBV2, people would hire a hiltonbot in preference to the real one even with the current limitations and limited dialogue options.

customer service would be a little difficult to implement in a practical environment, people would try to hit on it, literally and figuratively. more literally though. there are psychological tactics to avoid, im guessing the hello kitty jumper is there to stop the ogling.

December 1, 2006

Zyro said:


Just to say to Toliman that Hello Kitty is a character from a Japanese company called Sanrio.

Sanrio has an animatronics company branch called Kokoro Company, Ltd.

Well, guess what thet do…


(Developed by Osaka University and manufactured by Kokoro.)

Search for Hiroshi Ishiguro to know more…

December 2, 2006

Zyro said:

SFAM i hope you dont mind.

Go here


December 23, 2006

Adam Doub said:

That reminds me of this actually.. hehe. Assuming you haven’t already seen it.

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